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The Wonders of Outer Space

Space has been a subject of scientific interest for centuries, and the reason for the development of some fascinating inventions. One of the most notable astronomers was Galileo Galilei, a Venetian whose accomplishments include the first known telescopic observation of the sky at night. Moving on to the 19th century, the first clear telescopic photograph of the moon was achieved. However, it was not until after the mid 20th century that the collaboration of science and space led to the first solar probe, the first human-crewed spaceflight, and of course, the moon landing. Today, it does not seem unreasonable that science will allow humans to reach Mars.

NASA Expands Mars Exploration With Perseverance Landing

8 Apr 2021

There have been many attempts to land robotics on Mars. Around 10 of these proved successful. The most significant one is the 18th February 2021 landing of NASA's rover 'Perseverance.' The ton-heavy rover has given the best pictures of the planet so far and better insight into planer Mars.

Uranus at a Glance?

8 Mar 2021

Uranus is actually one of the ice giants in the solar system's outer space. Not even a metal spacecraft would survive the extreme temperatures and pressure of this planet. Scientists have accurately pointed out that swirling fluids rule most of the Uranus, and there is nowhere for someone to land.

Man Edges Closer to Mars Occupation With Perseverance Landing

3 Feb 2021

The phrase 'men are from Mars,' has nothing to do with astronomy. However, it could soon become literal as the exploration of the planet moved a step forward in February 2021. Perseverance, a NASA rover, has landed on Mars and given a better insight into the planet.